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Our Story

In September 2010, my sister, Piper, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Prior to her first chemotherapy treatment we attended a “What to Expect from Chemotherapy” class together. We were provided with paperwork that was designed to guide us though her needs during treatment. As we went through the class and reviewed the paperwork, we found the information to be a little vague. What products would she need, what worked best, what was safe, and why? At the same time, we noticed other people in the class who were also frustrated and uncertain.

Over the course of the next few days we spent hours driving from store to store, reading labels, questioning ingredients, and buying products, only to discover later that some things we selected weren’t really what she needed. We found that some of the products we bought made the treatment effects worse (an abrasive toothbrush made her mouth more sore, a soap that dried out her already damaged skin, and a shampoo that stung her sore scalp), while some were ineffective (a body lotion that had no effect on her chemotherapy damaged skin, sugary candies that made her feel more nauseous).

This is how we came up with the idea of ChemoCareKits - a collection of personal care products designed to help someone undergoing cancer treatments (both chemotherapy and radiation). We believe that we can save people time and money by providing a selection of name brand products, specifically designed for cancer patients whenever possible, that are proven effective and priced below retail. We also realize the benefit of creating a kit that could be given as a gift: a useful and much appreciated gift for someone undergoing or about to undergo cancer treatment.

So we read literature from doctors, the internet, and cancer treatment centers. We scanned articles, looked at websites, and questioned nurses. We reviewed suggested product requirements and then investigated those products (i.e. mouthwash with no alcohol, sunscreen with zinc oxide, lotion designed for “chemo” skin, shampoo for a sensitive scalp). We took note of what products worked and why, and then we talked to other chemotherapy and radiation patients. Then, during her 16 weeks of chemotherapy, and almost 7 weeks of radiation treatment, Piper tried and tested different products, narrowing down what worked best for her, and what she thought would help others.

Most of the products we selected for ChemoCareKits are brand names, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and easy to identify at your local store or online. Many products are made exclusively for chemotherapy and radiation patients, something we are very proud to carry. Also, the cost of all the products in a ChemoCareKit, delivered directly to your home or delivered as a gift, is less than you would spend buying these products at your local store.

It is our hope that someday there will not be a need for chemotherapy and there will not be a need for ChemoCareKits. Until then, it is our sincerest hope that this kit can provide some comfort and ease during a very difficult time.

Britt Denlinger
Co-Founder, ChemoCareKits
Piper Denlinger
Co-Founder, ChemoCareKits

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Our Story

In September of 2010, my sister, Piper, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Prior to her first chemotherapy treatment we attended a “What to Expect from Chemotherapy” class together.
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